May 19, 2024

SOS Build and Race Weekend 01-12-19 and 01-13-19

What a way to start off the new racing year!  22 Racers/builders showed up at Durant Raceway in Fleetwood PA. for a build session for the ECHORR Slip on Silicone SS Class.  Doors opened at 9am and after the greetings and salutations the session began.  The protocol for the day was for me to build a car from scratch and showing what to look for in parts etc.  The build process went smoothly with many questions and clarifications about the how and the why of building a competitive tjet.  All participants were given the look and feel of setups etc.
Pizza was ordered for lunch from our local pizzeria.  After about an hour’s break we broke into smaller groups to help out all the racers in their builds. Thanks to Bryan K and Randy H for donating most of their build time to help others.  I was busy balancing and truing arms and answering set up questions throughout the afternoon.  By late afternoon the cars started hitting the track for final tweaks, etc., needless to say all came away with a decent car at the end of the day as the next days racing showed.  All cars were impounded, and the group scattered to rest for Sunday’s race.
The doors opened on Sunday at 9am.  Cars were given to racers to practice and warm up.  We ran 2-minute qualifiers in round robin format to seed the mains with unlimited move ups. The unlimited move-up format was totally utilized by Robin Schroy, who moved up 4 times from the F main to the B main.  Great job Robin!  The highlight of the day was the “C” main which had all four racers at 63 laps total and Robin winning by 5 track sections.  All racing throughout the day was close with plenty of laughs and comradery thrown in. I want to mention the great job done by Mike M., first time building and racing tjets faired very well in both areas.
After the SOS race we ran a fun IROC using the Heister’s awesome running IROC cars.
2 Minute Round Robin Qualifier:
Hiram           69/17 * Seeded in A Main
Donny A       68/29* Seeded in A Main
Dan W          68/18
Bryan K        65/57
Randy H       65/35
Joe Hoopes 64/29
Bill Hance    64/14
Jim Levan    63/20
Bill Trotter   63/8
Brian S          62/13
Sheldon H    61/42
Tim Kirk        60/29
Shane H        60/1
Vic Q             59/36
Robin S         59/28
Henry B        57/15
Mike M        55/49
2 Minute Mains
F Main: 2 move ups
Robin S  64 *
Vic Q      63 *
Henry B 57
Mike M 53
E Main:
Robin     64*
Vic Q      62
Shane H 61
Tim K      58
D Main:
Robin         62*
Bill T           62
Sheldon H  61
Brian S        60
C Main:
Robin           63 * by 5 sections
Bill Hance    63
Jim L             63
Joe Hoopes 63
B Main: 2 move ups
Dan W         66*
Bryan K       65*
Randy H      65
Robin S        62
A Main:  3 minutes
Hiram       105
Donny A   103
Dan W      101
Bryan K      93
Awesome close racing!!
ROC – 2 minute Round Robin:
Donny A       64/29
Hiram           64/28
Dan W          64/13
Bryan K         64/9
Sheldon H    62/29
Vic Q             62/29
Randy H        62/28
Shane H        61/37
Brian S          59/35
Jim L              59/29
Great weekend for the club.  We will schedule more of these events in the future.  Hope to see everyone at Dan Wirfel’s next month.  See for our full schedule