June 25, 2024

Out of Santa’s Bag Race 01/23/22

By: Wenner Media Group
🏆 Don Auriema Scores the Overall Individual Championship Honors while Brian Sponagle and RJ Schrader score the Team Event Championship Victory 🏁
ECHORR OS3 TFX Spec Class Race – “From Santa’s Bag”
15 Racers were registered to compete. 15- Factory Sealed OS3 TFX Chassis were purchased for the event. All racers were given 30 minutes to do setup preparation for the race. No aftermarket parts were allowed. Racers were allowed to Adjust Shoes, Score Brushes, Treat Tires, Etc. It was not time to go racing on the Randy’s Raceway Original Aurora Tub Track. The body of choice was any USA made Muscle Car. Resin or Plastic Body.
🏁 A 2:00 Minute Round Robin race was completed. The racers were not aware that this was a seeding race for later 2-person team pairings. After the race was completed, Racers were evenly paired up. 1st with 15th, 2nd with 14th, 3rd with 13th, Etc.
The Top 5 for the 1st Race:
Don Auriema – 120
Brian Sponagle – 111
👉 Teams were then assigned together and allowed another break for car preparation before the team portion of the race was started. Another 2:00 Minute Round Robin race was then held. Scores for each racer were combined together for the total team laps. The results of the “From Santa’s Bag” Team Competition:
🏆 Winner – Brian Sponagle & RJ Schrader
2nd – Victor Quinones & Chad Whitenight
3rd – Chuck Sheaffer & Jim LeVan
4th – Don Auriema & Mike Weise
6th – Shane Hiester & Ron Schrader
🏆 Individual Champion – Don Auriema 240 Laps
2nd – Victor Quinones – 228 Laps
3rd – Brian Sponagle – 225 Laps
4th – Derek Sheaffer – 224 Laps
5th – Chuck Sheaffer – 223 Laps
👀 Special Thanks to OS3 for the TFX Chassis. Every racer who attended was able to take their car home with them. A great time was had by all. Great close racing all day.
📷Photo Credit – Brian Sponagle
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