May 19, 2024

Challenge 2017

It all started on Thursday around noon this year.  The ECHORR Challenge tracks started arriving at the Hall thanks to Dan Wirfel, Steve Dickinson and Dave Lockwood.  This year we were a bit short handed for set special thanks to Randy Haydt (yes Joerinn I did it again, LOL) , Dan Wirfel , Steve Dickinson, Bob Dickinson, Dave Lockwood, Bryan Kisthardt and the champ Henry Harnish.  It was a job well done and by 7pm we had all six tracks up and running and ready for Friday’s practice.  
Friday was a busy day with 2 sets of IROC cars being matched up to the tracks after the we voted out the Red Max for this year’s team event.  After morning practice with the individual event cars, it was decided that Indy would be run on the SSR Wiz track converted to an Oval, Nostalgia would be on the DBL Max and SS on Sunday would be on the Yellow Max.  The rest of the afternoon was spent on setting up individual cars on the selected tracks.
Friday evening wrapped up with the Team number selections for the Team Race on Saturday. Tickets were sold for the Chinese Auctions to help the club.
This Year’s Sponsors:
Randy J Haydt
Dan Wirfel
Joe Toscano – Fast Lane Racing
Hiram Durant
Chris Brubaker
Bryan Kisthardt
Henry Harnish
Victory Tires
M&M Hobbies
Derek Sheaffer
Heister’s HO Raceway
Thanks to all that donated and remember these are the guys that support us, so please support them.  ECHORR would not be the same without the help from these guys.
The doors opened at 8 am on Saturday, with the Teams being introduced with a driver’s meeting following before the clock was set to start the IROC team event.  As evidenced by the pictures this year’s crop of IROC cars was fantastic.  A lot of hard work and creativity went into these sets and it showed during the close racing action.  This is our second year using this format and is has proven to be an overwhelming success.  With ten teams racing, 9 rounds were held. After 5 rounds we broke for lunch catered by Spuds which is always a treat, we held the Chinese Auctions and then back to the races. After the dust settled the results were as follows:
Team                                     W                            L                              T
Zoomin                                 9                              0                              0
515                                         7                              1                              1
Can-Am                                7                              2                              0
Randy’s Raceway             6                              2                              1
SWARM                                5                              4                              0
Heister’s HO                       4                              5                              0
495-I95                                 2                              6                              1
Misfits                                    1                              7                              1
Kicking Dash                       1                              8                              0
Randy’s Raceway II          1                              8                              0
Congrats to Zoomin on the Team win and all other teams on the close racing all day.

Next on the Agenda was the Individual events in Indy and Nostalgia.  The participants were divided into 2 groups and both races were held simultaneously.   

SS Sunday
Sunday the doors opened at 9am.  Sunday is the ECHORR SS day of racing. We start with a 2-minute qualifier round robin to determine which 16 drivers will move on to the Sweet 16 bracket racing for the rest of the day.  The racers that do not make the Sweet 16 are entered into a Consi IROC race with the winner of that receiving a Plaque.  This year’s Consi IROC was held on the SSR oval with cars prepped by the Heister boys in Dirt modified trim.  The results of the Qualifying and Sweet 16 follow.  A big Congratulations to Adam Moneypenny from Ohio on the Consi win!  This was Adam’s first major race outside of the Ohio Cup and boy did he do well!
Thanks again to all the sponsors and all that helped with the running of the event and raffles etc.  This was truly a team effort and we are already looking forward to next year’s event.
Sweet 16
Bryan K         77 *                                                       Joel L           79*
Don A            77 *                                                       Flash             73
Sheldon H   74                                                          Robin S        74
Dan Wirfel  72                                                         Marc S          75*
Warren Lux  73                                                        Hiram D        78*
Derek S          74                                                        Greg B            78*
Steve D          79*                                                      Henry H         74
Dave L            80*                                                      Greg W           71
Elite 8:
Don A                 77
Bryan K             77+ *
Dave L               79 *
Steve D             77
Joel L                 81*
Marc S              75
Hiram D          75
Greg B             80*
Final 4:

Greg B           123
Joel L              121
Dave L            120
Bryan K          118