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Starting in 01/18 ECHORR will have a fourth class option for races, the ECHORR SOS class...ECHORR  Slip on Silicone tire class.  This class will have the same rules as the ECHORR SS class with the exception of the rear wheels and tires, you must use a plastic or aluminum rear hub with slip-on tires on the rear.  No Brass wheels or weights allowed on the rear setup.  Track owners can choose which 3 classes they want to run at their race from our 4 available classes: ECHORR SS, ECHORR Indy, ECHORR Nostalgia or ECHORR SOS.

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Caylee Elizabeth Kent

Born 12-16-13

                Carleigh Eden Kent - Born 12/28/15

                                Caylee Age 2

Henry's 50th Anniversary
Henry's 50th Anniversary  of winning the T-Bird at Lenjet Raceway in Ashland Mass.