July 12, 2024

Raider Raceway 05-16-21

ECHORR Raider Raceway Race Results – Sunday, May 16, 2021
Special Thanks to Donnie Auriema for hosting a great Sunday of ECHORR HO Slot Car Racing @ Raider Raceway
Thanks to Dave Simms for going “LIVE” and doing the DCM Pancake Breakfast at the Raider Raceway. If you have not watched it, Check out the video. Donnie’s collection is 1 of the best and you will see some rare HO Slot Cars in his collection.
Donnie has a 2 great tracks – The original Aurora Tub Track & The always challenging Raider Raceway
Nostalgia Race Results – Original Aurora Tub Track:
1. Dave Simms
2. Hiram Durant
3. Donnie Auriema
4. Dan Wirfel
5. Randy Jay Haydt
6. Jim Levan
7. Vic Quinones
8. Ed
9. Robin Schroy
10. Bill Trotter
Fray Race Results – Raider Raceway:
1. Donnie Auriema
2. Dan Wirfel
3. Hiram Durant
4. Randy Jay Haydt
5. Vic Quinones
6. Jim Levan
7. Robin Schroy
8. Bill Trotter
Slip On-Super Stock – Raider Raceway:
1. Hiram Durant
2. Randy Jay Haydt
3. Donnie Auriema
4. Dan Wirfel
5. Jim Levan
6. Vic Quinones
7. Robin Schroy
8. Bill Trotter
Sunday, May 23 –
Vanbuskirk Raceway
1033 Riverview Drive
Reading, Pa. 19605
ECHORR Slip On Super Stock
ECHORR Nostalgia
Future Dates:
Saturday, June 5 – ECHORR Eddie Sachs Memorial Indy Car Championship – America On Wheels
ECHORR Indy Car Championship Race
Slip On Super Stock
Time Permitting- IROC Racing
Sunday, July 18 – Randy’s Raceway – Blast to the Past ECHORR Race
ECHORR Slip On Super Stock (Original Aurora Bodies) – Randy’s Tub Track
ECHORR Indy Car Chassis with Jimmy Flintstone 1933 3 or 5 Window Coupe Bodies on the Randy’s Raceway 8 Lane Oval
ECHORR Vintage Tin Class with Nascar 1950-1968 Bodied Cars on the Randy’s Raceway Tri-Oval
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