June 25, 2024

Veteran’s Day Race 2021

ECHORR Veteran’s Day Race Results from Little T’s Speedway, Sunday November 14, 2021 🏁
By: Wenner Media Group
Special Thanks to Rachel & Tim Bowers Jr. for hosting the event. Little T’s Speedway is an amazing facility to race at. Thank You Rachel and Tim for opening your doors for us & hosting the event the past 2 years. 🏆
Special Thanks to Jim LeVan for your service to our country. We honor you on Veteran’s Day. 🇺🇸
Hiram Durant Doubles Up with Fray & Slip On Super Stock Victories, While Randy Jay Haydt scores the Indy Car Feature Win.
ECHORR Slip On Super Stock Tjets with Freddy Mac Custom Painted & Decaled Coupe Bodies – Racing on Little T’s Speedway 6 Lane Max Trax.
🏆 Hiram scored 3 segments on the way to his SOS ECHORR winning run. Finishing in 2nd was Randy Jay Haydt with 2 segment wins. Completing our ECHORR Podium for the SOS Class was Matt Light.
4th – Timothy J. Bowers Jr – 3 segment wins
5th – Jim LeVan
6th – David Foreman – 1 segment win
7th – Victor Quinones
8th – Sheldon Hiester
9th – Shane Hiester
ECHORR Fray Super Stock Tjets with Fray Bodies were raced on the Breast Cancer Awareness TKO ECHORR Track.
🏆 Hiram Durant doubled up scoring the Fray Super Stock feature win. Finishing in 2nd position for the Fray Class was Randy Jay Haydt. Scoring the 3rd and final podium spot was Sheldon Hiester.
4th – David Foreman
5th – Jim LeVan
6th – Shane Hiester
7th – Victor Quinones
8th – Matt Light
9th – Timothy J. Bowers Jr
10th – Jordan Hess
ECHORR Tjet Indy Cars were raced on the Little T’s Speedway 6 Lane AFX/Tomy Oval.
🏆Randy Jay Haydt dominated the Indy Car portion of the Veteran Day race in strong fashion. Randy scored the win by 3+ laps. Finishing in 2nd Place, His 3rd podium of the weekend – Hiram Durant. Finishing in 3rd place, His 2nd podium of the Veteran’s Day Race was Matt Light.
4th – Victor Quinones
5th – Timothy J. Bowers Jr
6th – Shane Hiester
7th – Jim LeVan
7th – David Foreman
9th – Sheldon Hiester
👉 Next Up: Sunday, December 12, 2021
Durant Speedway, Fleetwood PA
“From Santa’s Bag” Race
TFX Chassis with Muscle Bodies
Pre-Registration is required by December 1, 2021
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