May 19, 2024

General Rules

General Rules



The purpose of this document is to present the currently supported rules of ECHORR. This document, either in electronic or printed form, represents the standing rules by which all ECHORR participants shall follow.


The following rules are in effect for the entire ECHORR year. ECHORR reserves the right to change the rules in the interest of maintaining the fairness of the majority of the competition. These rules are based on the use of Aurora Thunder Jet OEM parts, new parts, after market parts, re-manufactured parts, and those made by “cottage industry” vendors. All parts must be specifically manufactured for the Thunder Jet chassis with the exception of wheels, tires and axles. Modifications, adjustments or practices not specifically addressed in these rules as allowed or not allowed shall be presented to the Challenge Rules Committee in private prior to the race in question for a decision.  Assuming and not asking prior to a race may render your car illegal.

Rigorous honesty is the ECHORR credo. Err on the side of caution. Any Challenge Rules Committee member(s) present will address any questions or interpretations of the rules. The discretion of the Challenge Rules Committee comes into play for any rule infringement case. The decision of the Challenge Rules Committee will be final.

Race Specifics

If a racer is not sure his or her car is legal, they may have their car checked prior to the start of the races. If any driver suspects that another car may not be legal, they may “challenge” the other car at any time to verify whether or not it is within accordance to ECHORR Rules. If it is a Team Event, then the entire team challenging must present their challenge. A second Team would then be asked if they second the challenge. If two Teams agree to the challenge then the car(s) in question will be checked for ECHORR rules accordance. Once each driver has qualified for a starting position, their car will be pre-inspected for compliance to the rules and then impounded. The overall top 4 finishers will have their cars fully inspected at the end of the final heats completion once the statistics are tabulated.
Tech Committee:

Each participating team will appoint ONE member of said team to act as a “Tech” to determine legality and compliance to the ECHORR rules. It shall be the sole responsibility of these appointees to do so. NO outside observers or other racers/team members shall be permitted to assist or consult in this undertaking. No Parts manufacturers will be allowed on the Tech Committee. The decision of the Tech Committee is final. Each member of the Tech committee will be provided with a “Yea” and “Nay” secret voting device to be used if a question arises. This vote will be read by the ECHORR Race Director.


False Start: A predetermined point on the host track where each starting car must pass in order to declare the heat a valid race. Typically after the first turn set.

Cottage Industry: Any manufacturer of T-Jet parts whose parts are not obtainable on the common mass retail market. Typically these products are obtainable directly from the manufacturer or specialized store or location, such as an online auction site, slot car show, etc, as opposed to from a distributor or authorized dealer.

Post-Inspection: The act of disassembling a racer’s car in order to verify the car is within proper rules compliance for the event. Pre-Inspection: Cars are inspected by the Rules Committee and the Tech Committee or a delegate responsible for car inspection
at the current event. Upon passing pre-inspection the car is deemed “legal” for the duration of the events that day.


Track/Track Call: In the likely event of an accident during a race, or a de-slot in a location which is not easily reached by a Turn Marshal, either the Racer or a Marshal may call out “Track”. This signals the host or track operator to halt the current
race. Drivers are not permitted to work on or modify their cars unless the “Track” call is for a mechanical malfunction. The race will resume once the accident or de-slot is cleared.

Mechanical Malfunction: An occurrence by which the car or controller is not physically operable. For example, slipping gear, missing tire, meltdown, etc. would constitute a mechanical malfunction.

“On Market”: In reference to a new product either by a Cottage Industry or known manufacturer who introduces a new product to the slot car market. Announcement of new products must be made to ECHORR 60 days prior to the event to be allowed. For car bodies only: bodies must be from a production run that renders the body available to the public in mass quantity for at least 60 days prior to the event. It is up to the manufacturer to ensure proper market availability and announcement of the product to the racing public. Announcement of new products must be made ECHORR 60 days prior to the event to be allowed. It is also suggested that a sample of the body be presented to the ECHORR for review and acceptance prior to the 60 days release requirement. All other items must be announced to ECHORR 60 days prior to the event to be allowed.

Manufacturer: Designation for mass production and cottage industry producers of HO slot car related items and accessories.

Handling Pan: Any metal or plastic piece attached to the bottom of the car to improve handling. This also includes extra molded or attached plastic/resin into a body to produce a handling pan effect.

Nonferrous: Any metal substance that does not contain iron. Therefore the material does not have magnetic properties.

General Event Rules:

01. ECHORR will determine the means for deciding the starting positions of drivers for the individuals race(s). If it is a Team based event, the predetermined racing order of teams will be drawn lottery style. Order of racers within the teams shall be determined by the teams themselves.
02. Drivers will be given ample time to run practice laps prior to racing on practice day. It may become necessary to limit the practice time of each driver should there be a large number of drivers. Practice times set on the tracks shall be controlled by one main timer and therefore cannot be tampered with to extend practice times. Those refusing to comply will be disqualified from event participation.

NOTE: If you need practice time, plan on getting to the event early enough to do so. Late starts due to last minute practice sessions are not permissible.

03. Each driver will race all lanes in a rotating order under TrakMate 10 Lap Race mode for the team race. Order for the individuals will be determined by the Challenge Rules Committee before the individuals event. This also includes the format of the individuals race as well.
04. All drivers are expected to take their turn marshaling when their series of heats has completed. It is a courtesy to the oncoming drivers as well as a help to the flow of the event. There will be a 35 minute time limit for the team event. This is per two teams and per table, so marshaling should be taken care of by team members not currently running their rotation on the track. Again the individual event will be handled separately, and therefor marshaling will be e required after you run your heat and for the first group up, the last group to run shall marshal for them since that would be their turn in rotation.
05. Drivers are not permitted to marshal any cars during their heats in a race. The excitement of the race leads to self-marshaling which we ask the drivers to kindly refrain from doing.  Any driver self-marshaling and interfering with another car or view of the track shall take a “1” for that race and remove his car when it is safe to do so.
06. Between heats drivers will be allowed to clean their tires, clean pickup shoes, and oil your car. This will ONLY take place at the track side. No driver is permitted to leave the track during their heats unless it’s an emergency or a race official allows the departure.
07. No chemical additives are permitted on the surface of the tires. E.g. belt dressing, tire dressing, oil, etc.
08. If a driver experiences a mechanical difficulty, break down, broken guide pin, or a chassis-to-body retention screw falls out during a heat the car is rendered unable to finish the heat. The driver receives a “DNF” for that heat. Repairs may take place after the heat has completed or a possible substitution will be allowed before the next heat in the succession. All repairs must be done in front of a race official at the stage.
09. In the event of a multi-car accident, the timer and power will be stopped to allow the marshals to put the cars back on the track.
10. A “Track Call” constitutes an automatic stop of the timer and power to the track.
11. Turn marshals or drivers in the case of multi-car pileups or deslots may find situation out of reach for some reason. A “Track Call” should result. In the case of a “rider”, where a car jumps to another lane and it is then under the control of another driver shall also warrant a “Track call” unless the marshals can fix the situation while the heat is in progress.
12. A “Track Call” will be called automatically for any car that goes completely off the racetrack table.
13. Turn marshals will do their best to replace cars to the track in the least amount of time and allowing for oncoming traffic to pass without being disturbed.
14. Turn marshals are urged to attempt to replace the “last off” car as the “first on” in a multiple car pileup. The car that caused the accident should be replaced last whenever possible.
15. A false start will be declared if any car de-slots before completing the first series of turns as determined for each track. Cars will be returned to the starting line and the race will be started again.
16. Only one false start is allowed to be declared per heat.


  1. Following completion of their own heat races, drivers are required to marshal the next set of heats as a courtesy to other racers. During the Team event, since two teams are assigned to a race table, this should be taken care of in a quick and orderly fashion.
    18. No one will be permitted “free power for just a second” to test their car. (Test strips, or 9 volt batteries are often available as an alternative.)
    19. If a car fails to start, a false start will be called. At the next start, a track marshal will “push” any/all cars to ensure that everyone leaves the starting line. Only one false start is allowed per heat.
    20. After racing your heat(s) unplug your controller and stand by the racers station for the lane you just ran. This is so proper tabulation of results can occur swiftly and without asking who was which car/team in a particular lane.
    21. One of a kind, custom, or home-brew parts are not permitted.
    22. Swapping of parts once a car passes tech is strictly forbidden.
    23. TrakMate output screen will be the final decision maker. Whatever TrakMate shows is what goes and that’s the final word for the heats and races in a dispute.

    Team Event:

    01.  The Team Event is in support of the ECHORR SS Class, or IROC cars as defined for the event.
    02.  All Teams will need to pre-register, this will ensure each team a position in the event. Pre-registration entails sending in race entry fee and list of team members’ names to Hiram Durant prior to August 17th.
    03.  Practice day is on Friday afternoon before the event. Practice rotations will be 3 minutes long on each lane. All tracks  will be controlled by a single main timer that will be observed at all times by someone from the Race Committee.
    04.  If you are present on Friday for practice, your cars will be tech’d and impounded. Anyone who does not tech in on Friday that shows for practice will not be allowed to participate in Saturday’s events.
    04A. Each team is allowed to tech in 14 cars, or aset of IROC cars with at least one extra chassis.

04B. Each team can only race the cars they passed through tech.
05.  Friday from 5pm until closing tech ins will be accepted.
06.  Cars will be kept in impound at all times once tech’d in and that is final. Cars will be handed to the drivers at the beginning of their heats while at track-side and will immediately be impounded when the heat is done if the driver is finished and rotation takes them off the table.
07.  Two teams will be assigned to a race table. The teams will dry wipe the table with rags provided before each race begins. They will get 30 minutes to go through the entire rotation of their teams. All team members not racing at the current time will either marshal or assist in running the race controls.  Any team member “driving out of turn” will result in a re-start of the heat; a second offense will result in a “1” for that driver and the team in that heat.
08.  Trak Mate will be the end all decision maker for placement in finishes. Trak Mate will be running in 10 lap race mode, it will be the onus of the Team Captains to ensure each team member’s name is entered for rotation and that no two teammembers are side by side racing during the rotations.
09.  If the 30 minutes elapses and the heats are not completed, the scores will be taken as standing completed. 30 minutes is plenty of time to complete an entire rotation.
10. Should the teams complete their heats and are done, they may take a break for the remainder of the time while other teams / tables finish up. But racers must be ready for the next set of heats at the top of the hour. The team event begins promptly at 8:00AM for the first run. We will break for lunch after half the races are completed. Racing resumes after lunch and will again follow the 35 minute to the top of the hour sequence until all races are complete.

  1. Each set of teams must work as a team for running the table when it’s their time on to get their heats in and manage the entire set of heats. This format will ensure marshals at every table, and allow everyone a fair chance at racing without major issues and interruptions. Should there be a problem on the table, the Challenge Official can be called upon.
    12. In case of a finish dispute, the final word will be from Trak Mate.
    13. Team entry fee will be $175.00 for a five man team. Each additional team member will be $35.00. Checks should be made payable prior to August 22th to:

    Hiram Durant
    612 Thornbury Court
    Westminster, MD 21158

    Individual Events:

    01.  The Individuals Event is in support of the ECHORR Nostasgia and ECHORR Indy T-Jet Class.
    02.  The Individuals Event will take place on Sunday.
    02A. Individuals can only participate in one Individual Event, or all events if IROC team race format is used.
    03. Individual Events will be a 2 minute round robin qualifier, with the top 4 advancing to a 3 minute A main.
    04. Individual only entry fee will be $30.00. Checks may be made payable to Hiram Durant prior to August 22nd.

    Vendor Tables:

    01. Racers whom are also vendors may do so from their pit area. No special tables will be provided.
    02. There will be a vendor’s row set up for vendors free of charge.
    03. Vendor tables must be manned at all times by someone.
    04. ECHORR claims no responsibility for missing goods from vendor tables. Vend at your own risk.
    05. This is subject to change pending location and days rented.


    01. Any type of nonadjustable or adjustable (OHM value only) controller is permitted.
    02. Any type of controller is permitted as long as it passes tech.
    03. Additional electronics on controllers for changing OHM value is permitted.
    04. Additional electronics or hardware on controllers for changing any type of output power to the car such as power to run the car when track power is cut are not permitted.
    05. Additional electronics or hardware on controllers for changing any type of brake adjustment are not permitted.
    06. Additional electronics or hardware on controllers enabling “coast” or “autopilot” features where power is supplied to the car when the trigger is fully released by the operator are permitted.
    07. ECHORR tracks are not wired for brakes, thus only a two-wire hook up is necessary.
    08. Any controller or replacement parts must meet the ECHORR defined “On Market” requirements.

    A Final Rule:

    If anything is not specifically stated or addressed in the above rules it is NOT permitted.