May 19, 2024

ECHORR Challenge Information 2021

The ECHORR Challenge 2021

Will be held on October 8th,9th and 10th

Site :
Kutztown Fairgrounds

450 Wentz St
Kutztown PA 19530
Challenge Team event format:
1 – All Teams will bring a set of IROC cars (t – jet pancake motor cars only, 16 + ohm arms) with at least one extra chassis in case of mechanical failure. *
2 – Cars will be matched to tables during Friday’s Practice time. Hiram will match 2 sets of cars to each table and adjust for voltage etc. and make notes for setup on Saturday morning. One helper will accompany Hiram to each table for the time it takes to set up the cars. This will not take away too much individual practice time from the helpers.  IROC sets will be impounded on Friday evening.
3 – Teams will be assigned an even or odd set  of IROC cars will be used for the race, cars will be handed out by official just before the race.
4 – Maintenance of the cars is the co-responsibility of both teams.  If a car slows down or needs oil, a track call will be made and the situation will be corrected and that particular race will be started over.
5 – Shoes and tires shall be cleaned by 1 member from each team in between races, no one else will touch the cars.
6 – All races will be run in the usual 10 lap sprint format.  Usual tie-breakers will apply.
7 – Friday will be used for individual car practice for Sunday.  Individual tracks will be selected on Friday evening.  All participants will be allowed to race all 3 classes on Sunday.
*- Any team wishing to participate that does not have a set of IROC cars shall have a set loaned to them by ECHORR or any team with extra sets.

Tentative Event Schedule:

Friday October 8th – Doors open at 8am

Practice for Individual events

IROC Car to table matching

1pm – Individual events track draw – Captains only

6pm – Team number draw

6:30pm – Tyco Support race on the Beast from he East track (tentative)


Saturday October 9th doors open at 8am

Drivers Meeting 8:30 am

Team racing , after round 5 lunch will be served.

3pm – Nostalgia and Indy Car individual Races


Sunday October 10th doors open at 8am

Individual SS/Fray race with sweet16 bracket format

3pm – Awards ceremony.

Committed Teams for 2021 Event:

1. Kickin Dash – (Danny Rhinehart)
2. Hiester’s HO Silicone Tires ( Sheldon Hiester)
3. Misfits – (Robin Schroy)
4. 515 – (Steve Nilsen)
5. BBT-Jets -(Dan Wirfel)
6. DCM – (Dave Simms)
7. Rubbins Racin (Joel Lux)
8. Victory Tires (Randy J Haydt)

Free Agent List: (Available Drivers):

Ed Shultz

Brian VanBuskirk