East Coast HO Road Racing
Veteran's Day Race - 11-15-15

Randy's Raceway II - Boyertown PA

Once again it was time for ECHORR to hold the Veterans Day Race to honor our heroic Veterans who fought for our country. There were 13 racers making their trip from the states of Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania to the back roads near Oley Pa to attend the annual event.
Saturday was an open practice for anyone who wanted the opportunity to get their cars prepared for Sunday’s events. Our fine hosts Jody and Mark Williams had a lunch prepared for those who were there. This was nice having something like this included on a practice day. When practice was over around 5 a few of us went out for dinner to the local eatery down the road. A few hours of socializing went by before we decided to leave and get some rest before race day.

On Sunday morning the doors opened at 8 am and there was coffee and doughnuts for all.
Everyone had more practice time and racing was to start at 10. Racing started at10:10 am for the Super Stock Class on Randy’s Roving Raceway 12 foot version. The top two places were only one lap apart and third and fourth tied. First place went to Hiram Durant (Westminster MD ) while Randy Jay Haydt ( Kutztown PA ) finished in second. Bryan Kisthardt (Macungie PA) and Victor Quiones ( Bridgewater NJ ) were tie for third. Because both of these racers are qualified to tech cars another reason to have a 10 lap shoot out became apparent. Winner gets third and loser gets to tech. The finish was Vic for third and Bryan did a great job at the end of the day to tech the cars. Fifth was Donny Auriema ( Scotch Plains NJ ).
Next on the racing agenda was the Indy Class on the 24 foot long 6-Lane Oval. Showing consistency on the oval it was same top three finishers as last year. Bryan showed the way around the oval to take the top 1st spot. Hiram raced to the 2nd place finish and Donny took home third. Forth was Randy and fifth was Mark Williams ( Oley PA )
After the first 2 races it was time for the food break. Everyone enjoyed the BBQs, side dishes, and deserts served by our hosts Mark and Jody.
It was now time to run the Nostalgia cars. Once again Bryan took top honors winning the race. Second was Randy and Donny in third. One lap and a half separated all the top three places. Forth was Hiram and fifth was Chuck Sheaffer (Harrisburg PA)
There was close racing in all three classes we raced throughout the day. The first and second places in each were by only one lap.
It was great to have the following five racers attend this event for the first time. Keith Bauer and Mark Nemeth both from Williamsport PA area, Dan Wirfel from Harrisburg PA, Chip Lewis from Harrisburg PA, and Henry Belfiore from Oxford PA.
I would like to thank Mark and Jody for hosting the event at Randy’s Raceway II. Rumor has it that the contract has been signed for the upcoming 2016 year. Also a thanks goes to Bryan for doing tech on the cars and posting pictures on Facebook keeping ECHORR in the eye of the public. Thanks to Donny for letting us take a picture of him while he showed everyone his winnings for the day. Thanks to the racers who made it a great day of racing and that is what it is all about.