Thornbury Court Raceway - Last Dance
Westminster MD - 03/25/17
Thornbury Court Raceway – Last Dance – 03/25/17

On a beautiful spring like day in March, a total of 13 Racers gathered at Thornbury Court Raceway to race one more timer and bid farewell to this iconic ECHORR track. In attendance were racers from Maryland, NJ, Staten Island, Pennsylvania, and the Washington DC area. The track will be departing to a new home in Texas on 0r4/03.  The doors opened at 8 am and the racers started getting ready to run all 3 ECHORR classes on this challenging layout.  Plenty of last minute tweaking and practice especially for the Nostalgia and Indy classes.  The track has been operative for 11 years now and we have only run these classes a handful of times over the years.  We started racing about 10:30am and went right into the Nostalgia class.  This is our skinny tire class and the cars must be driven a bit different to keep them on this road course.  All drivers and cars adjusted well and we had some fun racing with plenty of excitement and laughs.  Next up was the INDY class which proves very challenging with the big tires and roll of these cars, and roll they did…lol.  Most of our Indy cars are set up for oval racing and not for a tricky road course like this one.  It was prudent to pick a slower, drivable car which most did and they were a lot of fun on the course after everyone settled down and made their laps.
Next up was a lunch break, time for some stories and laughs and reminiscing about the track and how the club has evolved into what it is today.
The feature event was our SS class and the late arriving Henry Harnish and Derek Wright joined us in this race.  Henry has always “loved” racing on this track and today was no exception…lol.  He is not sorry to see the layout go.  It has been a great learning and practicing track and many of our top racers in the club now, like Derek Sheaffer cut their teeth on this track.  Randy Haydt, Bryan Kisthardt, Joe Rinn and many others have spent many hours testing and tuning on the track.  I will miss the track, but it is time to move on to something else.
One special note:  Brian Sponagle (Spoons), won the last race heat at Thornbury Court Raceway and received a special ribbon which will be signed by all in attendance.
After the racing, a few of us went to a local restaurant for some food and drinks and a good time was had by all.  Thanks to all that attended and made this a special day for me and the club.
See everyone at the next race, our schedule is on
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