East Coast HO Road Racing
Thornbury Court Raceway 03-28-15

Thornbury Court Raceway , Westminster MD 21158

The doors to Thornbury Court Raceway had not been open for a race in a few years, so we did not know what or who to expect for this event.  The day started off cold and with snow flurries. The doors opened at noon and a few visitors dropped by to say hello and see the track and play for a bit.  A few racers started trickling in and the practice and tuning and fun started.  9 racers stayed to race and we decided to make a fun day of it.  We ran ECHORR SS and 3 IROC races, VW Buses, Dune Buggies and Aurora Mako Sharks.  Although the numbers were not record breaking for this event, I think the laughs and giggles were!! Wow what a blast we had with those IROC cars!   We had lunch before the SS race and did some final tuning and helping the newer guys with their rides and off we were.  When the dust settled the results were as follows:
SS – 3 minute round Robin
Derek S      87/50
Hiram         87/16
Bryan K       83/4
Randy H     89/57                                                                                                                                           
Herman F   77/6
G3                76/11
Joerinn        75/46
George B     71/34
Chip              65/2
Now it was IROC time…..I wasn’t sure what to race so I showed the guys the cars I had. They all jumped on the VW Bus!!
First up the VW Buses:
Derek S         44/53
Bryan K         43/46
Hiram            43/30
G3                  41/29
Joerinn          40/9
Randy H         40/7
George B       39/58
Herman F      38/9
Chip                36/58
Next up Dune Buggies:   
Hiram            39/12
Derek S          38/33
Bryan K          36/51
Joerinn           36/15
Randy H          36/8
G3                    35/32
George B         34/10
Herman F        33/44
Chip                  33/6
Mako Time: 
Bryan K           46/50
Derek S           46/37
Hiram              45/56
Randy H           45/30
G3                     45/3
Joerinn             44/54
George B         42/18
Herman           41/31
Chip                 41/9
During these 3 IROC races the volume of laughter was extremely high and the kidding and joking never seemed to stop. It really was a fun evening of racing and hanging out with the guys.  Several commented that this was the way it should be and we should get together and do this more often,,,,hmmm..
We all went upstairs to enjoy dinner together and continue to enjoy the evening and look forward to the next day’s slot car show up the road.
Thanks to all that came and those that didn’t missed out on a fun time, but we will do it again!