East Coast HO Road Racing
Thornbury Court Raceway 

Westminster MD 01/09/16

On a rainy Saturday, 12 racers showed up to participate in ECHORR’s first ever build and race session.   The format was as follows, all participants were to bring enough parts to build an ECHORR SS car with the help of the experienced builders on hand.  We had Bryan K of KRP racing parts and Mario Pisano of M&M hobbies with plenty of stock and aftermarket parts on hand.   I had my lathe and balancer going all day to balance and true arms.  Bryan, Randy and myself took the lead on helping others get their cars up to par during the day. Mario and Joe Hopkins got here a little late so they were a little behind and had to scramble to try to catch up with the others. Everyone was busy and the dremels and all were going all day, at the end of the day everyone had a pretty stout car to play with, even 10 year old Kollin, a testament to the building skills of the helpers involved. The building started at @ 11AM and all cars were ready about 3:30 PM.  Now to make it interesting, it was time for the experienced guys to build their cars, Bryan, Randy and myself were put on a timer and had ½ hour to build our cars. 
Jeff Harker had a commitment and had to leave before we got to the mains so only his qualifying scores are shown.
We did a 2 minute round robin to seed the mains.
Qualifying results:
Hiram                    57/6
Bryan K                 56/26
Donny A                54/46
Vic                          53/54
Randy                    52/42
JoeRinn                  52/37
Joe Hoopes           51/41
Jeff Harker            51/20
Henry B                 49/13
Chief                      48/55
Joe Hopkins          46/52
Kollin                     39/06
Mains:  3 minute bumps with 4 minute A main
D Main, 2 move ups*
Chief                     75/13 *
Henry B                71/55*
Joe Hopkins         71/9
Kollin                    55/7
C Main, 1 Move up*
JoeRinn                79/53*
Chief                     77/27
Joe Hoopes          77/24
Henry B                73/24
B Main, 2 move ups*
Donny                   84/14*
Vic                          82/21*
JoeRinn                 80/19
Randy                   79/33
A Main, 4 minutes
Bryan K                 115/17
Hiram                    114/35
Donny                   112/46
Vic                          106/60
After the close racing we handed our ribbons to the top four and Bryan surprised us with plaques from KRP Racing for the top three finishers, thanks BK!!
Most of the guys stayed for a sit down dinner and a lot of taking after a great day of learning and racing.  I am glad I tried this format as it was a huge success and I look forward to doing it again for our other 2 classes and perhaps SS again.  Thanks to all that participated and all that helped with the building and chairs and making parts available.
See everyone at the next event, follow our schedule at www.echorr.com