East Coast HO Road Racing
RG Park Raceway - 01-18-15

Swedesboro NJ

Race Report for RG Park January 18, 2015 First off, I am very sorry that this report is so late. I have no good excuse but I do promise to try and get future reports out in a more timely manner. Secondly, I have lost my notes that had the sections for each racer’s total. I believe my memory will serve for the top 4 spots. After that we’ll just have to go with Trackmate. Nine racers were in attendance for the inaugural run on the new RG Park circuit. My son Riley and I spent some serious time designing and testing various layouts before settling on this one. It combines aspects of the Lightning circuit at New Jersey Motorsports Park and the esses at Suzuka. The layout was received with enthusiasm by all in attendance, including the addition once again of the dreaded squeeze track. All were also happy with how smooth it is for a sectional track layout. We ran 3 minute Round Robin for all events. Most of the racers present had been to RG Park before but we did have one surprise. Pitstop came along and brought a friend, I believe his cousin but don’t quote me, and both enjoyed themselves and the relaxed atmosphere. Pitstop mentioned to me at the Georges race last week that he wasn’t sure which Mike enjoyed more, the racing or the homemade chili.
To the results:
In SS we had-
Randy       43.25
G3              42
Pitstop      42
Jeff H         41.25
Hiram       40.5
Jeff  C        40.25
George     38
Riley          37.5
Mike G      37.25
In Nostalgia
Randy        35
Hiram        34.25
Jeff H          34
Jeff C          33.75
Pitstop       33.75
G3               32.75
George       31.5
Mike G        30.5
Riley            25
- And for Indy-
Jeff C           35.25
G3                34.25
Pitstop        34.25
George        34
Hiram          33.25
Randy          32.75
Jeff H            31.75
Mike G         27.75
The lap counts are correct. The longest lap at RG Park is only 25 ft, less than one third the lap at Pikes Creek Raceway. Everyone agreed that the new RG Park was a fun, quick layout. Hiram even made the request that I not change it too soon he liked it so much. Please keep the second, or so, Sunday in January free for next year. I would love to have to squeeze in a few more pit boxes in 2016. Jeff Harker