RG Park Raceway - 02/12/17

Swedesboro NJ
Another successful, sort of, event was held at RG Park today. We had 10 racers and three observers all three of whom swore they were going to race next year. Anyway, we had computer problems all day but we persevered and managed to have fun. Luckily all the racers brought their patience and sense of humor.
We ran Nostalgia first and Randy claimed the first victory of the day. The remaining positions went to: George 3, his dad George with yours truly finishing fourth.
Racer                      Laps
Randy                     119
G3                            112
George                  110
Jeff                           109
Hiram                     108
Joe Hoopes         107
Henry B                106
Jim                           104
Alex                         102

SuperStock was up next after lunch, a delicious lunch of homemade chili and beer bread, with G3 coming in first this time. Hiram took second, Joe third and Randy in fourth.
Racer                           Laps
G3                                  142
Hiram                           140
Joe Hoopes               139 S23   
Randy                           139 S13
Henry B                       135
Jim                                  132
Jeff                                  129
George                         124

We ran the Indy class last. The computer problems tried to make a comeback but we pushed thru. Hiram pulled off the win this time. Miracle of miracles I placed second. The closest finish of the day saw Jim take third over G3 by one track section!
Racer                             Laps
Hiram                              94
Jeff                                   91
Jim                                    90 S9
G3                                     90 S8
George                            89
Randy                              88
Joe                                    87
Henry                             82

We tried to talk ourselves into racing some trucks at the end of the day but we ended just playing with the trucks and laughing like fools!
Hopefully a few more of you will be able to come out in 2018. I promise the computer gremlin will be dead.
Jeff Harker