East Coast HO Road Racing

RG Park Raceway 02-21-16

Swedesboro NJ
Finally the RG Park slot car event was run. We only had a few racers but we had tons of fun. On hand were Hiram, George B, Vic, Henry B, and Randy (of the green beer). I also had a few not-yet t-jet racer friends for a total of 9 for the SS event.


Indy  2 minute heats      (Lap lengths at RG Park are 25-27 feet)
Hiram                89 laps
Randy               87 laps    19 sections
George B          87 laps   5 sections
Vic                     85
Jeff (me)           84
Alex                   81
Henry B            78

The Indy cars were rockin’ and rollin’ up on the edges of their tires thru the esses. We ran the Indy cars first so that my son Riley could race SS when he returned home from CCD.

Super Stock  3 minute heats
Randy               169 laps
George B          165
Hiram                163
Jeff H                 156 Thanks Hiram for the tuning tips in January. I learned a lot.
Henry B            155
Mark                 150
Vic                     148
Riley                 144
Alex                  136

The Super Stocks had everyone mesmerized by the speed at which the cars would zip through the esses compared to the Indy cars.

Following some discussion we decided to run an IROC 10 lap Crash and Burn using my old-school VHORS SS cars with AC Cobra bodies from Auto World. Randy was reminded very quickly to make sure to watch the correct car at the start of the race. In his first heat his car only made it thru turn 3.

Crash & Burn  10 laps

Henry B            38
Vic                     35
Jeff                    33
George            29
James               28
Riley                 21
Mark                 17
Randy               13

The racing was close all day and we had a lot of fun. The homemade chili was terrific as always, thanks Dawn. Once again the track layout was described as challenging and a ‘driver’s track’. Horsepower is not the theme at RG Park. Driving skill and the ability to pass almost anywhere are what you need here. Hope to see a few more of you next year.