East Coast HO Road Racing
Randy's 4th of July Blast to the past 07-06-15

Randy's Raceway - Kutztown PA

Twelve racers made the trip Kutztown PA for the 4th of July Blast to the Past event. Randy’s Raceway was pleased to host this event for the 2nd time and will host it again next year by a vote of the racers in attendance. Everyone knew a few of the regulars could not be here and their wisdom, friendship, and, racing skills were missed by all.
Saturday was very light for racers who wanted some track time to practice. After practice Henry Harnish and Randy Haydt walked to the local tavern had a great meal and a few drinks.
Sunday morning came around and Letterman’s Dinner was on the menu for breakfast. The doors opened at 8am and the racers started to enter and claim their pit areas.
The Aurora Bodied Super Stock cars were called to tech and the 3 minute round robin racing started at 10am on the 6 lane tub track.
Don Auriema became the new winner this year by 1 lap over Dennis “ Pitstop” Moore finishing 2nd. The racing was close from 3rd to 6th each separated by 1 lap. Randy Haydt 3rd  /  Henry Harnish 4th  /  Vic Quinones 5th  /  Mario “Chief” Pisano 6th.
Having only 12 racers on a 6 lane track this meant everyone had to do something meaning the computer, turn marshall, or racing.
The next challenge was running the Wheelen Modified Bodied Indy cars on the 8 lane oval, a 2 minute round robin race. Now 8 racers were on the track leaving only 4 to run the show. Track calls were at a minimum because everyone did a great job from racing to being a turn marhall especially having 8 cars on the track at a time. When the race was over and the dust settled Randy Haydt became another new winner of this event finishing 3 laps over Don Auriema finishing 2nd. Don and Randy raced side by side for 7 races for each to claim the win. Joe Rinn 3rd  /  Pitstop 4th  /  Vic Quinones 5th  /  Robin Schroy 6th.
After the first two races were run it was time for the Spud’s catered food feast. Burgers, steaks, salads, loaded and regular fries, onion rings, perogies, and other snacks were served.
When everyone was finished with the food it was tech time for the Muscle Car Nostalgia cars on the tub, another 2 minute round robin. Leading the way by a margin of 3 laps was Henry Harnish over Chief who took home second. Pitstop 3rd  /  Randy Haydt 4th  /   Vic Quinones 5th  /  Brian Sponagle 6th.
A special thanks goes to Vic for doing the tech on all 3 divisions. Also note that Vic was 5th in all 3 divisions and could not find someone to DQ ? All cars were legal !  
Randy’s Raceway would like to thank all the racers who attended, everyone who pitched in to help run the races, and for all the fun we had racing together.