Randy's 4th of July Race - 07/09/17

Kutztown , PA
Saturday was the beginning of a great weekend to be racing. Eighteen racers came to Kutztown, PA for the annual Randy’s Raceway 4th of July Blast to the Past racing activities.
Practice on Saturday had nine drivers take advantage of the pre-race tech and tune. The Hot Rod Body on an Indy chassis were going to be raced on the Tri-oval this year. It was a good idea by most racers to practice a little more on that track. After Saturday’s practice a few of us once again walked to the local tavern for good food and sprits and had nice time.
Sunday morning came along and five of us went to Letterman’s Diner, this is Henry’s favorite breakfast spot in Kutztown. After that it was time to get back to the tracks and get practice started.
The racers started coming in and donuts and coffee were there to be had for an early morning snack.
Because the Tri-oval track becomes the food table the Hot Rods were first on the schedule running 2 minute heats. The cars were called to pre-tech, checked, and the racing began.
Dennis “Pitstop” Moore ( NJ ) showed everyone how his car made the left hand turns look easy taking first by 4 laps. Second place was the track owner Randy running very well on the tri-oval finishing just 1 lap ahead of third. Mario “Chief” Pizano ( NJ ) was the that third place finisher also showing us what his hot rod can do on the tri-oval. Fourth has Henry “The Champ” Harnish ( NJ ) finishing 1 lap behind the Chief. 5th Hiram “Pres” Durant ( MD ) / 6th Robin Schroy ( PA ) / 7th Bill Trotter ( PA ) / 8th Scott “Kid Racer” Beyer ( NJ ) / 9th Vic Quinones ( NJ ) / 10th Jim LeVan ( PA )
This was the second time we raced on the tri-oval track and I believe it is now a must for every Blast event.
The racing was finished and we went on to run the Super Stocks. This is an original Aurora on a super stock chassis on the Tub Track running 3 minute heats. The food was to be delivered by 12:30 pm so we started the race and took the break when the food got here. After eating we started up again to finish the Aurora Super Stock class.
Once again there was a lot of great racing action and taking the win was the Champ, 5 laps head of 2nd. 2nd place was the Chief with a solid run. 3rd was Pres Hiram finishing 3 laps down to Chief. 4th was Randy 2 laps behind Hiram. 5th Pitstop / 6th Jim / Robin Schroy / 8th Vic Quinones / 9th Herman Farrer ( DC ) / 10th Jay Frederick ( PA ).
The next event to be run was the Modified paper body Nostalgia chassis cars running 2 minute heats. These were on the 8 – lane Tomy oval. Once again the racing was fast and close, staying out of trouble when 8 cars are on the track is the key. Doing this the best was Hiram finishing in 1st place. He had 2 tough runs in orange and purple but after that it was 6 good runs for the win. In 2nd place 2 laps down was Randy. 3rd was Chief with consistent runs in 2 – 7 lanes. The Champ took home 4th finishing only 4 laps off the top spot. 5th Jay Frederick / 6th Dan Wirfel ( PA ) / 7th Joe Rinn ( NJ ) / 8th Bill Trotter / 9th Robin Schroy / 10th Tom Wenner ( PA ).   
Thank you to all the racers who traveled and supported this event. Thank you to the racers who pitched in and help with running the races. We had a full day to spend with friends and the side effect for all of that was racing.
All the racing was fast, competitive, and close, but most of all was fun for everyone who was here.
Next year all three tracks will be used again for more fun and excitement. Stay tuned to see what combinations we will be running next ?
Thank you to all for a great weekend !

Randy Jay Haydt
Randy’s Raceway