East Coast HO Road Racing
Pikes Creek Raceway - 01-25-15

Wilmington DE

Greetings from Pike Creek Raceway, It was a wonderful mid winter’s day in Wilmington Delaware as twenty two racers turned out to tame Pike Creek Raceway. George and Georgie have a LOT of Tomy track crammed onto their 4 x 16 table. In addition to the usual suspects, it was great to see some faces from the past. Joe Hoopes and Tim Kirk were there and you will their faces in the VHORS race reports from the early 2000’s. As always there was a lot of laughs, a lot of fun good food and great T-jet racing. We raced three classes, ECHORR Superstock, followed by the house class – Superstock with slip on silicones and injection molded muscle car bodies and Indys. This was a great opportunity for those who attended last week’s Super Bowl Show to run the new Road Race Replica’s 1965-1966 Mustang GT’s. They look GREAT and sit low.
Here are the results of the Superstock race…
Racers                     Total
Bryan K                   43.17
Randy                     43.04
Kevin Price             42.55
Henry Harnish      41.53
Dave Sims              41.38
Hiram Durant       40.66
Vic Quinoes          40.52
G3                          40.40
Joe Hoopes           39.37
Brian Sponagle    39.29
John Gero             39.19
Sheldon                38.67
George                  38.56
Joe Rinn                38.52
Big Mac                 38.46
Shane                    38.11
Ray Kurtz              37.50
Jeff Harker            36.29
Tim Kirk                35.63
Pitstop                  35.32
Sarah                    35.24
Henry                    34.70
Just for fun to kill some time before lunch arrived the top 4 race a 10 lap crash and burn shoot out. Needless to say, it didn’t get to 10 laps. Ironically, they finished in the same order.
After lunch it was time for muscle cars with slip on silicones. Here are the results…
Racers                   Total
Kevin Price           39.17
Bryan K                 39.12
Dave Sims            38.48
Pitstop                  38.28
George                 37.51
Vic Quinoes         37.48
Randy                   37.46
Hiram Durant     37.46
G3                         37.32
Jeff Harker           37.23
Henry Harnish    37.22
Ray Kurtz             37.10
Brian Sponagle   36.50
Joe Rinn               36.38
John Gero            36.21
Joe Hoopes         36.11
Tim Kirk               34.66
Sheldon               34.25
Big Mac               34.24
Henry                   33.62
Sarah                   33.40
Shane                  32.41
And last but not least it was Indys….
Kevin Price         27.06
G3                       26.32
Vic Quinoes       26.24
George               26.12
Hiram Durant    26.11
Dave Sims          26.05
Bryan K               25.71
Big Mac              25.70
Randy                 25.65
Ray Kurtz           25.46
Joe Rinn              25.23
Joe Hoopes        25.20
Pitstop                24.56
Tim Kirk              23.54
Brian Sponagle  23.47
Jeff Harker          23.17
Sheldon               23.12
Shane                  23.04
John Gero           22.68
Henry                  20.09
Everyone passed tech and ribbons awarded. It was a nice balmy 54 degrees as we walked to our cars for the ride home. Okay, I saw a lot of racers with their phones out taking pictures. PLEASE share them with the group. The photos section of the ECHORR yahoo group page has a folder for Pike Creek Raceway or send them to Hiram.