East Coast HO Road Racing
Parsippany Slot Car Show - 11/20/16

Parsippany NJ

Once again Pete put on a great show.  Plenty of vendors with quality stuff and something for everyone.  This show produced an awesome number of customers and racers which proves once again you can mix collecting with racing!  ECHORR brought in the Orange Max Trax thanks to Dennis Moore (Pitstop) owner and Henry Harnish, club transporter.  We held an IROC Race for the public to get a feel of how far this t-jets have come as far as drivability and speed.  The club IROC cars performed well and all had a blast playing with them.  We had 24 racers participate in the IROC race. 
The top 4 finishers were:
Ernie F – 42 laps, 6 sections
Tom H – 40 laps, 6 section
Joe Syklark ` 39 laps, 11 sections
Elliot R – 38 laps, 25 sections

Racers of all ages participated in the IROC and it is quickly becoming one of the highlights of this show.
Up next was the ECHORR SS race, our fastest t-jet class and boy there were some fast cars on the track at this event!   16 racers participated in the event and as always some very close racing.  The results are below

Hope to see everyone at Henry’s Holiday race on 12/04/16. 

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Happy Holidays,