5th Annual Mike Pisano Classic
Scotch Plains , NJ

This past Friday 19 racers were entered for a great night of racing at NJHobby and we ran the 5th annual Mike Pisano "CLASSIC" ECHORR IROC SS slip on tire race honoring my son Mike. 6 JL Superbird supplied by Hiram and I with Professor Motors controllers I supplied,  we ran 3 minute heats for 6 lanes.
 Racing was very competitive with 75% of the field within 10 laps Kevin "Dr.Evil" defended his title,I was 2nd Mario "The Chief " and Dennis "Pitstop" was 3rd.
When Racing was completed Kevin received his 1st place trophy,ribbons were presented to the top 3 racers with special store credit increased values for this special race supplied by Joe.After that presentation all contestants received a new Dash body,8 other random racers were winners of a new boxed JL AW or Tyco car followed by 4 auctions that were held for new boxed JL WI Wheels cars to raise money for the Leukemia Foundation.
 I would like to thank all the racers for coming to honor Mike, besides what I donated a huge thanks for all the generous donations of items by Tom Stump,Joe Corea,Guy Graziano,Derek Wright and Pitstop for freshening up the cars all those who made a cash donation to the foundation to fight this horrible disease.
Thanks Mario   

Name Laps
Kevin Price "Dr. Evil" 134
Mario "The Chief" Pisano 130
Dennis "Pitstop" 129
Vic Q. 126
Guy Graz 126
Kid Racer 126
John G. 126
Joe Rinn 125
Fred M. 124
Sean M. 124
Brian C. 124
Ray 124
Derek W. 123
Rob Sr. 119
Butch B. 118
Joe Skylar 118
Paul Graz 118

Tom 118