Keeping it Green 03/11/18
Kutztown PA
The Randy’s Raceway KEEPIN IT GREEN St. Patty’s Day Race is now in the record books. With an attendance of 30 racers the competition was torrid and tough. We had Rookies to the top notch Veterans all competing in 3 different ECHORR classes. Twenty racers came by to take advantage of Saturdays practice and Tom Wenner supplied Philly Pretzel snacks for the day, thank you. Having food, snacks and drinks is always a good combination when it comes to racing.
Sunday morning was here before you know it because of the time change. A few of us got up extra early and went to Henry’s favorite breakfast place Letterman’s Dinner. Everyone was here on time and the pit area filled up fast. The computers were on a timed practice and the racers were testing and setting up their cars. An announcement was made for all Super Stock and Indy Cars for tech.
The racers were divided into two groups and the green flag dropped at 10 am.
The Super Stock class was a three minute round robin on the Tub Track with a Wizzard track inlay. Once again Joel Lux defended his championship for the third straight year in the Super Stock division. Joel missed a new track record by 8 sections. In the runner up position was Marc Sevier our racing friend from Canada. In third was Don Auriema the Super Stock winner in 2015. Fourth place went to our ECHORR President Hiram Durant with a strong run. This is pretty good because I saw post on Facebook that said: ( Anyone free Saturday that can give me a hand moving some things for an extremely elderly man ? )
The Indy Cars ran a two minute round robin on the newly repaved 8 Lane Tomy Oval. The Indy’s always provide action packed open wheel racing action. Warren Lux became the new Indy Champion for 2018. This is a great win for Warren because he even lost four laps crossing in other lanes. Runner up and always runs consistent in Indy’s was Bryan “BK” Kisthardt. Third goes to Joel Lux who still holds this track record from 2017. Fourth place was Marc Sevier with a good solid run.
After the first two classes were finished everyone had time to eat. Spud’s did another fantastic job putting out a nice array of food.
Next up was the Nostalgia class running a two minute round robin on the Tub. Again Joel being no stranger to the Tub Track showed everyone the fastest way. Joel set a new track record of 110 laps 27 sections. Second place was Hiram ( I still cannot believe this is the extremely elderly man that the Facebook  post was talking about ? ) Third was last year Champion Steve Dickingson and fourth with a great run was Vic Quinones.
Thank you to everyone came to race also those who helped throughout the day to keep things running smoothly. Thank you to Vic and BK for doing tech.
Most of all great racing, great food, great green beer, but priceless friendships !
The next St. Patty’s Race dates will be Saturday March 16, 2019 and Sunday March 17, 2019. This will be a week later to get away from the daylight savings time change. Also the race will be on St. Patty’s Day so there is already talk of t-shirts for the 2019 St. Patty’s Day Race Green on Green.
Randy Jay Haydt
Randy’s Raceway