Johnny Venza BBQ Race 08/13/17
Port Jefferson Station, NY
This Sunday marked the return of the annual 2017 ECHORR Thunder Loop BBQ Race. 20 racers from Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Queens and Long Island gathered for a day of competitive racing, sharing tech tips, good food and a load of laughs. Many of the racers had not met before today and safe to say by the end of the day were new slot car brothers.
The first race of the day was the Thunder Law class using aurora style GT cars. Many of these bodies were the racers of the day before the resin super stock bodies existed so it was a natural opening to the ECHORR Super Stocks ran in the second race. It was amazing to see how hard everyone was racing these 14 tooth beasts on the sharp turns, great job by every racer! In the end the field finished as follows:
Thunder Law Class
Wally 46.10
Jimbo 46.3
Big Anthony 45.18
Donny A 44.22
Johnny V 43.35
Bub 43.28

Vic 43.24
Hiram 43.22
Dan 42.32
Mark 42.27
Dave 42.26
Scotty 41.29
Dom 41.24
Joerinn 39.22
Matt 39.22
Doc 39.7
Nick 38

Rob 36
Brian 35
The second race was the ECHORR Super Stock class. Man you talk about smooth, whoa, these machines were sweet and sooooo fun to drive. The field finished as follows:
ECHORR Super Stock
Hiram 51.19
Donny 50.13
Vic 49.22
Ernie 47.26
Johnny V 47.21
Bub 46.13
Dan 46.30
Wally 46.07
Brian 45.29
Big Anthony 45.21
Dave 45.15
Mark 45.01
Matt 44.30

Dom 44.21
Jimbo 43.20
Joerinn 43.27
Doc 43.26
Scotty 42.29
Rob 42.20
Nick 41.10
The over-all lap total champion was decided by 6 sections with Hiram edging out Donny A, great job by both! The total laps were as follows:
Over All Lap Total
Hiram 94.41
Donny 94.35
Vic 93.10
Wally 92.17
John 91.20

Big Anthony 91.03
Bub 90.05
Jimbo 89.23
Dan 87.26
Ernie 87.26
Dave 88.05
Mark 87.28
Dom 86.19
Scotty 84.22
Matt 84.16
Joerinn 84.13
Doc 82.33
Brian 81.38
Nick 80.12
Rob 78.20
Both races saw some fierce completion and amazing heats with side by side racing, just some good solid slot car racing!!!
Thanks to all the racers who gave out loaner cars as this allowed guys to experience super stock who hadn’t raced them before. Also thanks to the regulars at Thunder Loop for loaning cars to newcomers as this allowed them to see how nice you can get a Johnny Lightning running.
The Concourse for best paint job was a strong showing by Jimbo’s two tone Lola…Amazing work on that car!!!
BBQ was had by all in between the races and it was great to watch racers from different states jawing it up around slot cars.
The day was closed out by awarding of trophies, plaques and ribbons followed by raffles for sponsored prizes.
First and foremost I want to send special thanks to my wife who helped behind the scene and allowed us to commandeer the house for the day, to the race sponsors, Bob Beers-Mr. Aurora, Victor Quinones – Victory Tires, Ernie Finamore and VMJ Motors, thank you for all the generous prizes! Thanks Bub for picking up farm fresh corn and yellow watermelon, Big Anthony for the bagels and thanks to racer who brought the dunkin. This race was sanctioned by ECHORR and special to Hiram for helping me put this together. To all the first time Thunder Loop attendees, Victor, Dave, Rob and Scotty, hope you had a blast!!! A big shout out to Brian Shuker who transported and ran his custom built, intersection figure 8 on the deck, man was there laughing going on at that track, check the video out! Also to Jimbo for setting up the Mercurys for the figure 8. Joerinn and Wally, thanks for your computer and race management assistance and a final thanks to Ernie for the help with the clean up.