East Coast HO Road Racing
ECHORR Anniversary Weekend - 08/13 and 08/14/16

Thornbury Court Raceway, Westminster MD

The forecast was for a very hot weekend and they were right! This did not deter the racers from attending the ECHORR 11th Anniversary weekend at Thornbury court Raceway in Westminster MD.  The racers started arriving on Friday evening and the festivities started on Saturday morning at 9 AM.  Saturday was IROC Saturday with 6 different IROC sets being run on Thornbury Court Raceway in 2-minute round robin format. The sets consisted of Fandango VW Buses, Aurora Dune buggies, Aurora Jaguars, Nurora Mach one Mustangs, Resin Dude Hot Rods and Dash VWs.  All these had T-jet chassis with various set ups under them and they were all a blast to drive.  At the end of the day all the scores were added up and the top 4 finishers for the day received awards. 
This year we had a couple of new racers join us and they quickly became assets to the club, so we decided to have co-Rookie of the Year awards.  The awards went to Dan Wirfel and Henry Belfiore.  Congrats to both of you for the well-deserved honor.
The racing was over for the day and it was time to go outside for some food and drinks.   As usual the spread was awesome with Hamburgers, hot dogs, baked ziti, ribs, Maryland Crabs, etc.  Everyone had plenty to eat and drink and pleasant conversations filled the air. Thanks to Janet and her helpers for setting up the annual feast.
Sunday Morning a group of us went to a local Diner for breakfast before the Doors opened at 9AM for another day of racing.  Sunday was SS Sunday with ECHORR SS cars being raced in Ladder style format to determine the top 4 finishers for the day.  15 racers battled on Thornbury court Raceway in a 2-minute round robin to seed the mains for the bump ups.  The bump up mains were 3 minutes each, the top 2 finishers were seeded in the A main, one person moved up from the E main and 2 moved up from the B main.  Needless to say there was some very close racing.  Pitstop had some trouble in qualifying with a guide pin but had a great run in the bump ups moving from the E main all the way up to the B Main.
Great racing and comradery throughout the weekend, thanks to all that support ECHORR and make this a very special club.  Thanks to all that helped run the event by running the races etc. and those that donated parts and helped build the IROC cars.
Below is a summary of the Weekend’s Events:
IROC Saturday:
VW Buses:
Hiram                    47/47
Derek S                 47/39
Randy H                45/58
Joerinn                 45/12
Donny A               44/29
Vic                          43/27
Dan W                   41/42
Herman F             41/34
Henry B                41/24
Chip                       39/11
Kollin S                 35/52

Dune Buggy IROC:
Hiram                    40/8
Derek S                 39/17
Donny A               38/9
Vic                          37/10
Randy                   36/25
Herman               34/42
Joerinn                 34/35
Dan W                   34/10
Henry B                34/8
Chip                       31/28
Jaguar IROC:
Derek S                 51/6
Hiram                    49/49
Randy                   49/18
Pitstop                  49/15
Joerinn                 48/61
Donny A               48/50
Vic                          48/37
Dan W                   47/32
Henry H                47/10
Herman F             44/21
Henry B                43/9
Chip                       41/9
Mustang IROC:
Hiram                    43/6
Donny A               41/51
Pitstop                  41/43
Randy                   40/25
Vic                          39/55
Derek S                 39/51
Henry H                38/17
Dan W                   38/4
Joerinn                 37/9
Herman                36/49
Henry B                33/61
Chip                       33/23

Hot Rod IROC:
Hiram                    44/55
Donny A               43/12
Vic                          43/2
Derek S                 42/37
Pitstop                  41/6
Henry H                40/54
Randy                   40/17
Dan W                   40/8
Henry B                39/7
Herman                 37/37
Joerinn                 37/17
Chip                       31/6

Derek S                 45/25
Hiram                    45/18
Donny A               44/48
Vic                          44/325
Pitstop                  44/19
Henry H                43/36
Randy                   43/33
Joerinn                 42/37
Dan W                   41/37
Herman                 40/36
Henry B                38/15
Chip                       37/46

IROC Grand Totals:
Hiram                    270/59
Derek S                 265/51
Donny A               261.13
Vic                          256/42
Randy                   255/52
Joierinn                245/47
Dan W                   242/44
Herman                 235/33
Henry B                230
Chip                       213/61
Pitstop                  176/21
Henry H                169/55
Kollin                     65/26
SS Qualifying:
Derek S                 60/36
Hiram                    58/49
Donny A               58/29
Vic                          55/58
Randy                   54/32
Dan W                   53/37
Sheldon               53/8
Henry H                53/6
Herman                52/54
Joerinn                 52/45
Henry B                50/5
Shane                   48/24
Pitstop                  47/15
Chip                       46/41
Kollin                     43/30
SS Mains:
E Main:
Pitstop                  83/25*
Shane                   73/34
Chip                       68/53
Kollin                     65/25
D Main:
Pitstop                  82/6*
Herman                78/42
Joerinn                 78/8
Henry B                73/53
C Main:
Pitstop                  83/42*
Dan W                   81/7
Henry H                79/8
Sheldon               76/48
B Main:
Donny A               85/56*
Randy                   84/25*
Pitstop                  82/48
Vic                          81/56
A Main:
Derek S                 119/53
Hiram                    116/42
Donny A               113/49
Randy                   108/57

Thanks to all for a great weekend see everyone at the next event.