East Coast HO Road Racing
ECHORR 10th Anniversary Race 08-01-15 and 08-02-15

Thornbury  Court Raceway, Westminster MD

On a beautiful summer weekend just like the one 10 years ago when ECHORR was formed, 14 members showed up to participate in the races and festivities.  It was a great weekend of racing and comradery.  We had 4 of the original founders in the house during the weekend, myself, Chuck Sheaffer, Derek Sheaffer and Mike Briggs.  Mike Briggs has been battling health issues for a while and it was awesome that he showed up and participated in this event. We had a special race announcer for this event as Mike’s 4 year old grandson took over the show and announced all the action on the track as it was happening.  This being a special event we decided we would forgo our usual formats and make it an all IROC weekend, leaving the pressures of car setups etc. behind for at least this weekend.  It was a huge success as guys only needed to bring their controllers and appetites.
On IROC Saturday, we ran six different IROC races, man was that a blast!  At the end of the day we added the totals for the day and had our top 3 finishers receive their plaques.  After some fun racing competition we adjourned outside for food and refreshments, on the menu we had hotdogs, burgers, ribs, corn on the Cobb and Maryland crabs plus plenty of adult refreshments.
On Sunday morning we decided to go to a local diner for breakfast and then back to the house for IROC Sunday.  5 IROC races were run on Sunday with lunch served in between.  Again very close racing and much positive feedback about the IROC format.  Just like Saturday we tallied all the days’ scores and presented plaques to the top 3 finishers for the day.
A special thanks to the generosity of Zoomin/MaxTrax, KRP Racing and M&M Hobbies for donating race prizes for this event.  Without our sponsors we would not survive so please support them!!
Race results are below…We are seriously considering changing the ECHORR Challenge team event to an IROC event….more on this later.
Thanks to all that came and helped make this event a great one.  See everyone at the next race. See our schedule on www.echorr.com