East Coast HO Road Racing
ECHORR Challenge 2016 - 11/5 and 11/6/2016

Kutztown PA

The 2016 Challenge had a new venue, a new Team event format and a new SS Individual event format.  This year, for many reasons, we decided to have the team racing under IROC format.  Each team was asked to bring a set of IROC cars and these sets were matched to the Challenge tracks.  We used the same 10 lap sprint format as in the past.  This year since we did not have to do tech on the team cars, we decided to run 2 individual events, Nostalgia and Indy, after the team event on Saturday afternoon.  On Sunday, we ran the ECHORR SS class in a Sweet 16 bracket format to decide the Individual Champion.
On Friday during the individual practice, I and a helper matched the various IROC cars to the 5 tracks in the hall.  About 1pm we voted on the tracks for the individual events so that everyone would have ample time to practice and set up their individual cars on the proper tracks.  Team numbers were drawn, team intros and pictures taken and final prep for the weekend’s events.
Saturday started with a driver’s meeting and a moment of silence for our friend and supporter, Rick S. “Resin Dude”, who passed away this past year.  General ground rules were discussed and it was off to the races.
First the team event:  This format proved to be a huge success, we ran a variety of cars and setups, all without any practice with the cars.  I can tell you that there was some hooting and hollering and laughing going on all day!  Close, fun racing with no “super” cars dominating the field.  This format proved to be a lot less expensive for the teams and a lot less stressful for all involved.  The best part of the race from an organizational stand point was: NO TECH!!!  This saved 3 to 4 hours on Saturday and no stress or fighting over rules.
The Team event was followed by an hour break for lunch which was catered by a local hotspot eatery know as Spuds…killer burgers, cheesy fries, perogies and all the fixings.
Next up was the Nostalgia and Indy individual races.  The group was randomly divided into 2 groups and the 2-minute round robin races were run at the same time in two different tracks.  Each group raced one track and class and then switched over to the other track to race the other class.
On Saturday evening the Team awards and the Nostalgia and Indy awards were given out and then it was off for some food and adult beverages.
Sunday the doors opened at 8 am after everyone got an extra hour sleep due to the time change.  We had about 45 minutes of last minute practice, the driver’s meeting and started the Feature Individual race of the weekend.  We used a bracket style sweet 16 format and it was close racing and a dog fight to get to the final four.
All Results follow below. 
I would like to thank Henry Harnish and Brian Vanbuskirk for getting the tracks to the Hall, Randy J Haydt for doing the leg work on the hall and insurance, setting up the catering and helping setup the event in general. Herman Farrer, Bryan Kisthardt and Brian Sponagle for helping in the track set up.  Jody Williams, Sarah Feldner and Gary for their help in the raffle ticket sales.  Joe Rinn, Randy Haydt and Derek S, for their help in race directing and a big thank you to Russ Upton who flew in from Arizona and ran the SS show on Sunday. If I forgot anybody my apologies…..
Next I would like to thank the sponsors of the event; these are the persons we need to support and buy from because they are more than generous to us:
M&M Hobbies
Free Jet (Habby Lube)
Derek Wright
Randy’s Raceway
Herman Farrer
Victory Tires
Jeff Hurley (HEMP bodies)
Max Trax
Dan Wirfel
Thanks to all the participants and follow us at www.echorr.com
SS Qualifying
SS Quarter Finals
SS Semi Finals
SS Final Four
Racer                                             L1               L2             L3             L4              Total Laps
Greg Burnstein                      25               26             27             24                   102
Dave Lockwood                     25               25             26             25                   101
Steve Dickinson                   24               26             26              25                   101
Joel Lux                                      24              25              26              25                   100