East Coast HO Road Racing
ECHORR Challenge 2015

Lemjet Raceway , Ashland Mass

The ECHORR Challenge moved up the East coast this year to Lenjet Raceway in Ashland Mass.  This is a top rate facility run by Peter Lentros and company.  We were lucky this year in that we did not have to bring all the tracks to the Challenge, only one was needed which we are very grateful to Dave Lockwood of DBL controllers for bringing in his track.  

The primary Sponsors for the event were Jim Difalco of Difalco Design and Bob Beers.  Each provided very generous contributions to the event.  We also had many other sponsors which will be recognized later in this report.

Setup and logistics took place on Thursday afternoon with the help of the locals and some of us out of towners getting the place ready for racing and pitting.  Lenjet Raceway is a treat to visit with lots of historical tracks in place for all scales of racing.   Anyone slot head that is in this area needs to make time to visit.

Friday Morning the doors opened at 8 AM, we had a short Captains meeting and then everyone was out to practice and get their cars ready for the team event.   We had 55 racers representing 10 different states participating in this event.   All went smoothly and teams whittled down their cars to 14 for the tech which started at 5PM.  Cars were marked and impounded for the team event.  At the team intros, each racer was handed out a participant plaque and raffle ticket for a newly designed t-jet controller by Difalco.  As luck would have it I drew the winning number, off course I disqualified myself from the drawing, and the winner of the controller was Rudy Urban.

Saturday Morning the doors opened at 8AM and we had a driver’s meeting before the event.  One of the dreaded parts of this meeting which seems to happen every year lately is paying tribute to our fallen racers and fellow hobbyists and their families.  This year we lost John Forlino II (Yensid) and Tony Porcelli as well as Mario Bosses father who passed away just last week. Our prayers go out to all their families and the hobby has lost some more good ones this year.

The racing as always was intense and close, the equipment and driving is getting better and better every year.

When the dust settled the Team results were as follows:

Team                                     W                            L                              T

Zoomin                                 10                           0

Max Trax                               9                            1

East Coast Outlaws            8                            2

Frady Cats                             6                            3                              1    (Won Tiebreaker)

OS3                                          6                            3                              1

KRP                                          5                            5

MARC                                     4                            6

A-Team                                   2                            7                              1

Buckeye Roadsters            2                             8

Mainers                                   1                             8                              1

Soggy Bottom                       0                             10

After Team tech, the Team awards were handed out.  The first 3 Teams received plaques courtesy of Bob Beers.  Bob has always been a great ECHORR supporter and we really appreciate his generosity for this event.  The second Difalco Design controller was raffled off between the winning team members and Ryan Peoples was the winner of that awesome prize, the rest of the 1st place finishing team received $25 discount certificates with free shipping from Difalco Design for a future purchase.  Thank you Difalco Design!

The teams were allowed to pick from the general Sponsors table in reverse order of finish. Again thanks to our generous sponsors!

About 25 of us headed out to a local restaurant for some food and adult refreshments.  Peter Lentros recommended a Japanese/Chinese restaurant in the area and the food and bar were both excellent!!  We all had a blast there and most of us left pretty darn happy…

Sunday Morning the doors opened at 9AM, with a lot of racers there earlier.  It was individual day and based on the number of racers that stayed (24), we decided that all racers could participate in all 3 classes for the day.  We decided to run Indy cars on the Champion Track, Nostalgia on the Green Max Python track and the IROC on the Tub Track.  The Indy and Nostalgia were 2 minute round robins and the IROC was a minute round robin.  The results are as follows:


Racer                                                                    Total Laps                        Sections

Dave L                                                   64                                      7
Joel L                                                      63                                      22
Don A                                                    62                                      25
Bryan K                                                 62                                      19
Derek S                                                 62                                      8
Greg W                                                 62                                      5
Peter L                                                  61                                      25
Henry H                                                61                                      12
Rick Phillis                                            61                                      7
Flash                                                      61                                      7
Matt P                                                   60                                      25
Jim H                                                     60                                      24
Steve N                                                 60                                      18
Hiram                                                    59                                      30
Paul R                                                    58                                      30
Vic Q                                                      57                                      24
Warren                                                  57                                      23
Ray K                                                     57                                      21
Matt B                                                   57                                      9
Brian S                                                  57                                      7
Randy H                                                56                                      25
Chris W                                                 54                                      24
Ryan P                                                   52                                      18
Dale W                                                   52                                      18


Bryan K                                                 56                                        4
Derek S                                                 55                                        29
Joel L                                                      55                                       20
Dave L                                                    53                                       37
Hiram                                                     53                                       28
Don A                                                      53                                       22
Rick Phillis                                              52                                       36
Flash                                                        52                                       34         
Henry H                                                  52                                        24
Peter L                                                     52                                        22
Matt P                                                      52                                           7
Randy H                                                   51                                         36
Ray K                                                         51                                         36
Ryan P                                                       51                                          22
Paul R                                                        51                                          16
Vic Q                                                           50                                         22
Warren                                                      49                                         36
Greg W                                                      49                                          35
Brian S                                                       49                                          20
Jim H                                                          49                                           8
Steve N                                                      48                                          38
Chris W                                                      46                                          35
Matt B                                                        46                                           13
Dale W                                                       40                                            8


Don A                                                           38                                           3
Derek S                                                        38                                           2
Joel L                                                            36                                         13
Rick Phillis                                                  36                                         10
Greg W                                                        36                                         10
Bryan K                                                       36                                           7
Flash                                                            36                                          6
Vic Q                                                             36                                          4
Hiram                                                           35                                         12
Randy H                                                       35                                         10
Henry H                                                       35                                            9
Ray K                                                            35                                            1
Steve N                                                        35                                            0
Peter L                                                         34                                           12
Jim H                                                            34                                           12
Paul R                                                          34                                            11
Brian S                                                         34                                           10
Matt P                                                          34                                            8
Warren                                                        33                                            11
Matt B                                                          33                                             8
Ryan P                                                          33                                             7
Chris W                                                        33                                             7
Dale W                                                         32                                             9

After the races the awards were handed out to the winners along with a certificate from Difalco Design for $25 discount and free shipping on a future purchase.

This year’s Sponsors:

Difalco Designs

Bob Beers

Henry Harnish

Randy’s Raceway


Victory Tires

Tom Heister


Lenjet Raceway

Again these are the guys that support us so please support them!!

Pictures of event under separate tab.

A final thanks to all that helped put this event together and help run the races, setup the tracks and in general make everyone welcome.

Keep it in the slot!