East Coast HO Road Racing
Bloom's Raceway and Hobbies - 08-16-15

Bloomsburg PA

Bloom’s Raceway and Hobbies – 08/16/15 ECHORR’s second event at Bloom’s Hobbies was another successful and fun event. Thanks to Jim and his family for hosting the race on the 6 lane TKO Tub layout. This time around the action was faster and more furious than the first event. Of course there was some very close finishes as with all ECHORR races and 3 different winners in the three classes raced. This is fun place to race and play and we will schedule another event in the near future. If you are ever in the area stop by and say hi to Jim. Here are the results:
Hiram         219
Derek S      218
Bryan K      211
Chuck S      211
Randy         209
Kyle             207
Donny        205
Vic               195
Nick            194
Dan             184
Henry B      171
Chuck S      122
Donny        122
Derek S      121
Hiram         121
Kyle             120
Bryan K       119
Randy          115
Vic                114
Dan              106
Henry B         94
Donny          120
Bryan K        119
Chuck S        119
Hiram           118
Randy           117
Derek S         116
Vic                  114
Kyle               109
Dan               109
HenryB           93
Fun times and great racing, follow our schedule at www.echorr.com and see everyone at the next race. Hiram