East Coast HO Road Racing
East Coast HO Road Racing
T-jet and IROC Racing at it's best!

ECHORR was formed in 08/05 b y a group of T-jet racers in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.  ECHORR runs 3 basic classes and many support classes as well as IROC races.
ECHORR traditionally holds an Anniversary race every August,  Watch for updates on this event on our schedule.
ECHORR runs the major T-jet race on the East Coast known as the ECHORR Challenge.
  1. Hiram Durant - President
    Hiram Durant - President
    President, founder and t-jet builder.
  2. Joe Rinn - Special Assistant to the President
    Joe Rinn - Special Assistant to the President
    Alter-ego to the president, conducts checks and balances on the President, Primary Race director for the club. Race reporter.
  3. Derek Wright - Treasurer
    Derek Wright - Treasurer
    The keeper of the funds for club operations and maintenance. Backup web coordinator and web race reminder coordinator.
  4. Dan Wirfel - Director of Transportation
    Dan Wirfel - Director of Transportation
    Track Hauler extraordinaire...
Our group is dedicated to sharing knowledge and keeping T-jet racing alive and appealing to all.
  • Teach all we know
  • Treat all with respect
  • Promote hobby and not individual egos
  • Get out-driven not out-carred
Henry Harnish
The Champ!!
  1. Dave Lockwood
    Dave Lockwood
    Tech and rules support, Liason for New England group, Controller maker.
  2. Randy J Haydt
    Randy J Haydt
    Paper Coordinator and supply guy. Club organizer and innovator, Useful gadget maker. Apparel coordinator,
  3. Bryan Kisthardt
    Bryan Kisthardt
    Track setup assistant.
  4. Paul Kniffen
    Paul Kniffen
    Tech and rules support. Track maker and parts supplier.
  1. Derek Sheaffer
    Derek Sheaffer
    Back up Race Coordinatoor, Tech support Track setup assistant..
  2. Mario Pisano
    Mario Pisano
    Primary Aurora parts supplier and collector advisor for the club.
  3. Brian Sponagle
    Brian Sponagle
    Graphic Designer, assistant organizer and track setup helper
  4. Victor Quinones
    Victor Quinones
    Tire maker, track and show setup assistant
  1. Chuck Scheaffer
    Chuck Scheaffer
    Club co-founder
  2. Donny Auriema
    Donny Auriema
    Show and track setup and backup transport.
  3. Dennis Moore
    Dennis Moore
    Setup assistant, general entertainer.
  4. Kevin T. McEvoy
    Kevin T. McEvoy
    Photography and video, Facebook liason.
  1. Mike Briggs
    Mike Briggs
    Club Co-founder