East Coast HO Road Racing
5th Annual Springville Slotcar Club Summer Shootout 08/23/15

Woody Raceway, Springville NY

The 5th Annual Springville Slotcar Club Summer Shootout began on Saturday August 22, 2015, with an afternoon of practice on the 2 TKO tracks.  The Challenge here was to get 1 car that would perform on both tracks as the race format called for adding the scores from both tracks to determine the winner, no easy task!  After an afternoon of practice, we broke for dinner and then returned to the shop for an IROC race on the Blue Thunder TKO track with some Whelen ( Resin Dude Bodies) Autoworld cars prepped by Joel Lux, the cars were quick and challenging but a lot of fun and some cool wrecks. When the dust settled the IROC winner was Derek S and was awarded $25 donated by Warren Lux.
Sunday morning most of us met for breakfast at 7:30AM and the racing started @ 10 AM.  13 racers showed up for the SS event and the Nostalgia event.  The combined totals are listed below.
Racer                     Laps           Sec
Joel-DQ                  188             97
Paul                        183             51
Derek S                  179             80
Warren                   179             41
Steve                       175             37
Hiram                     174              104
Dave                       174              28
Marc                       168              46
Randy                     167              76
Henry                      163              80
John                         151              58
Bob                          141              75
Doug                        139             38
Racer                      Laps             Sec
Steve                       102   
Joel                          100
Hiram                        98
Derek S                     97
Paul                           95                52
Randy                        95                52
Dave                          95                51
Marc                          95                48
Henry                        94 
Warren                      92 
Bob                            83
John                           77
Doug                         77
After the close racing, the trophies were presented and then some prizes.

Thanks to Warren and Joel Lux and the SSCC for putting on a great event!