2017 Roundtop Raceway Winter Freeze

Wellsville PA
Freeze was no joke. It was 12 degrees in the morning. Doors opened at 8 and after a two hour practice, we started racing. Indy cars started the day off with Dan Wirfel taking first, Hiram Durant in second, Derek Sheaffer in third, and Randy Haydt in fourth. Next up, we ran nostalgia cars. This was a super close race with only track sections separating positions 2-7. Randy Haydt dominated second place Dan Wirfel by almost 5 laps. Third was Hiram Durant who was followed closely by Sheldon Hiester. We had some time to kill before lunch showed up, so we decided to do qualifying for the superstock bump up racing. Derek Sheaffer qualified fastest with a time of 6.836 seconds followed by Hiram, Travis, and Dan.
By this time, lunch arrived. Amazing feast of pulled pork, baked mac n cheese, and home made bacon ranch slaw made by my friend Shane Keister. Once the bellies were full, we got back to racing starting with the D-main. Henry, Joerinn, Shane, Jim, and Herman battled it out to see who would make the two transfer spots to the C-main. Joe Rinn came in first followed by Shane to move up and join Sheldon and Randy in the C. Joerinn won again, and Randy finished second to move up to the B main joining Travis and Dan.  Another win by Joerinn over Dan moves those two up to race Hiram and Derek in the A main. Derek held off Dan in second, Hiram in third, and Joerinn in fourth. Thanks everyone for coming, can't wait for next race!